The Art of Touch

4 thoughts on “The Art of Touch”

  1. You Own it! Not that i despise computers, I do believe that Art comes in many forms.You give yourself to it nonetheless. But When you touch it; When what you do gives you scars, It’s somewhat different for the Artist himself… I think you wrote a very intimate text precisely about all those feelings, with which, by the way, i relate very much in my daily routine.

    Being an Artist is not that easy as some people may say sometimes… We do suffer inside out. We Struggle with technical difficulties, with the substance of the work, with critics, etc… There’s always some challenge to overcome, if we push ourselves harder and harder.

    I Loved it Hugo!

  2. I sense your mother might have had that creative fire to have instinctively fed her observations. As a former educator, I can’t help but wonder what might have become of you had she not given you the opportunity to explore your “dancing fingers”. Your childhood experience is directly linked to your now owning your art… getting in there, getting messy and feeling your designs…fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. This was very touching:)

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