Freshly Pressed

Today was an exciting day!

I just flew back from NYC, where I’ve been hanging out for a week to meet with my team mates (Team Social FTW). After some well deserved sleep, I headed out to Queen of Hearts tattoo parlor for an appointment with my favorite tattoo artist – Pedro Mascarenhas (yeah… flash website… I know…)- to get some fresh ink in me.

As most of you know, I’ve been a WordPress enthusiast for quite some time (2005-ish). WordPress, as a platform and community, has been a very important part of who I am today as a web designer and as a person. Therefore, getting a WordPress related tattoo makes perfect sense.

The decision to tattoo something WordPress related is not necessarily because of my new job at Automattic, although it kinda served as a catalyst – the icing on the cake – for me to go through with it!

So I got, not one, but two WordPress related tattoos! Check it out:

It’s funny I’m getting these in real ink. It feels like a full-circle moment here. Once, not so long ago, a dear friend got me to place a fake WordPress tattoo on my arm (the other one, where I have a Mr.WannaB name tattooed already) in WordCamp SF 2008 – I bet he’s proud of me now!!! 😉

I also did a small movie clip of the experience (too bad I only remembered my iPhone does that when we were finishing the second part). Loud tattoo machine noise ahead…

I’m really proud of these tattoos. Hope y’all like it too!

Peace and Love 😉

91 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed

  1. Hi Hugo:
    Love love love the tattoos. Is that what I have to do to get freshly pressed? 🙂
    I might just consider it. Ha.
    I see you like poetry of the code variety. If you’re in the mood for the more usual sort of poetry, please stop by my cozy little corner sometime and let me know what you think.
    Oh, and we have one more thing in common: I like WordPress too.

  2. Nice work. The tattoos look good and are original – not something you see often.

    As an accountant, I’m now wondering if I should get an excel spreadsheet tattooed on my shoulder, with ‘Numbers are boring’ written on my forearm…possibly not!

  3. So let me get this straight. If you had been a Coca-Cola fan, you would a free life-time advertisment tattooed on your body, not even for a few colas as a reward? Slavery has become pretty cheap these days. Whatevaa…

  4. OUCH!!! Well, that’s dedication. Maybe helps secure your position when another round of dismissals is under consideration- “But He’s REALLY dedicated! Didn’t you SEE his tatoos?” heh heh. I personally have no tatoos because I beleive art belongs on paper or canvas. But I guess you and others see your skin and body as a surface worthy of art. To each his own! Congrats on freshly Pressed.

  5. that’s pretty cool, but are you sure you’d like that when you’re 60 or something, when you’d look back at this moment? although it’s really cool…..i know i wouldn’t if i were you…..but i’d like to know what you think?

    1. Every Tattoo I place on my body goes through a long process of thinking, so I’m sure that it’s something I want for life. All of them (I have quite a lot now, started when I was 15) mean something important. It’s not something I do lightly… For example, these WP tattoos have been on my mind for around a year before I actually got them!

      Don’t be afraid of this commitment, as long as you are sure of what you are doing! 😉

  6. Well, after all that, they just *had* to put you on Freshly Pressed, didn’t they?! 😉
    Congratulations! I like the irony of inking these designs onto your body when there is no actual ink involved in WordPress. Virtual reality meets reality ‘in the flesh’. Brave man.

    1. I had no idea! The title of the post was meant as a pun (actually my original tweet was “Freshly Branded”, but then I though this looked cooler). That got me to be on Freshly Pressed wich is AWESOME! I only realized that when I saw the crazy amount of trafic and comments on this post… it’s just crazy!

  7. Wow, Hugo. I don’t think I’m willing to go quite this far to make the Freshly Pressed home page! lol Way to go. I love, lOvE, LOVE WordPress, as well. Want to learn more. Love your tat. Wish I was brave enough to take the needle.

  8. They both look awesome!!! Congrats!!! Fresh Ink and Freshly Pressed … rockin’.

    Now if only I could work up the nerve to get the tattoo I’ve always wanted … one day…

    Drive on,
    – M.

    1. As long as you are sure of what you want to get tattooed on you, I say go for it!
      All of my tattoos tell some sort of story, situations I want to keep forever and that had a significant impact in my life. 😉

  9. Great looking tattoos, especially impressive how straight the lines are – from what I’ve learned that’s a sign of the artist being very experienced.

  10. Freshly pressed indeed! Congrats on being freshly pressed in the flesh and on WordPress! And congrats on the new job adventure! Very cool post!


    1. To be honest, these didn’t hurt that much. My last one (a big owl on my triceps) did hurt quite a lot…
      The inner part of the arm is generally an easy area to tattoo, as long as you don’t go too much towards the wrist or the elbow joint!

    1. Thank you, my advice is simply to do something that represents something that marked your life – something you want to remember for the rest of your life! 😉

  11. Hugo, first off congrats on getting Freshly Pressed on Word Press and on your body! I just became aware of your blog, but now I am a follower.

    Secondly, I hope you become a fan of my music, and if you do, I wonder if someday you will tattoo my image on your other shoulder! 🙂

    Once again congrats on all of your success.



  12. I guess in these tough times, it is one way to show loyality to a company and insure job security. I know the saying dealing with the word “Poetry,” does not really mean poetry from a creative point of view. Come to think of it, I have had a poetry blog with WordPress (two to be exact) totaling over thirty thousand hits, over a five year period, but have yet to see a “Freshly Pressed” (Not that mine is of the calibre to qualify) WordPress Poetry site.

  13. Hey dude, really liking the look and feel of your work and the word-press body work is cool too, well done for believing.

    I’m really new to blogging, in fact I only just opened my ‘dontstandonthegrass’ blog today. Do you have any advice/wisdom to impart that will help me gain a following. Right now, I’m looking to gain a creative release from the monotony of my boring day job, but ultimately I want my blog to mean/deliver more than that…

    Anyway, keep up the good work man. Thanks.


  14. So, what you saying is this: you want to be on the front page of WordPress, than get a WordPress Tattoo. bribery gets you anything.
    Nice ink. 🙂

  15. Great tattoos! I especially love the “code is poetry” one. Fantastic. 🙂 Now if only I had the nerve to get some tattoos that have been on my mind.

  16. Wow, crazy! You’ve been on here for a while!! And your tattoo is awesome did you draw I out? Or the artist did? I there a reason behind the colors he chose?

  17. Oh, thanks a lot, now I want a tattoo even more! No but seriously, great post and great body art. Congrats on freshly pressed.

  18. The wordpress one looks great, love the little quote as well, both are done very well! But the wordpress one has to be numero 1 in my book lol.

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