Rock of Ages


Today I decided to come to London with my mom for a musical theater weekend. For those of you who don’t know, musical theater is one of my passions – I’m a sucker for showtunes!

Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong on a trip has happened. From credit card fraud, to an emergency landing only after a few minutes of take-off, well, let’s just say this was not an easy day…

But, the ending was quite nice! We had a fantastic dinner at Bill’s (right next to Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant which, unfortunately had a very long waiting list) and we got to go see the show Rock of Ages!

It was awesome! A fantastic and hilarious show, that I recommend if you wanna have a good time singing along classic/cheesy 80’s rock!

We got first row seats (and cheap too!) which felt like we were in the stage!!!

Here are some photos for your delight 😉





And here’s a trailer I found so you can get a taste:

Ps.: I decided to go commando this weekend, which in Automattician lingo means not bringing my laptop! This was my first post from the iPad (hey, I need some gadgets or I’ll start showing nasty withdrawal symptoms) and it was a breeze to write using the WordPress iOS app!

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