Light of the Sun

Jill Scott

When your favorite artist releases a new album, it’s a reason to be excited about!

Jill Scott – my favorite singer/songwriter – just released a few days ago her latest album: Light of the Sun

Jill Scott - Light of the Sun (album cover)

I’ve had the chance to listen to it a couple of times – it doesn’t seem as powerful as her previous albums, but I dig the sound and believe it’s one of those albums that are an acquired taste – I’ll let it settle in. Check out one of the singles, “So In Love”, featuring the very talented Anthony Hamilton (who’s career I’ve also been following over the years).

As for previous albums, she did a small video interview to introduce the album and her creative process:

As with all great artists, she is best see preforming live. I’ve had the fortune of having seen her twice (I even had to travel outside of my country for the concerts, but it was so worth it!). The following videos are from the times I saw her preform:

There’s so much I could write about her, but I’ll let you discover this amazing artist for yourself. Let me know what you think!

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