WordPress in Hawaii, 8-bit at a time

This past week I’ve been in Kailua, Oahu island, in Hawaii on a team meetup (Team Social FTW!). This has been a pretty perfect meetup so far: we have an amazing house right on the beach, the balance of work/fun has been spot on and I’ve had the oportunity of doing some funny creative stuff.

Today, after some days of thinking about this and some teasing from my team-mates to get this done, I’ve built a post-it/pixel version of the WordPress logo! It is based on the 16px WordPress icon version created by Ben Dunkle – I zoomed on it and basically made it so the color of the post-its I had matched loosely the icon. It took me a bit of tweaking and adjusting (thanks J-trip for the help, and Scott “3 part” Berkun for the awesome colorful post-its!), and going back and forth to the beach to look at it from a distance, but I’m super happy with the result!! This was the perfect opportunity to try out some time-lapse recording! Check out the short video I did:

Even thought I’m posting this technically on the 12th, the fact that this was made on the 11th matches perfectly with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg 28th birthday! Happy Birthday Matt! 😉

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