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Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins — President Obama (@POTUS) June 26, 2015 This past friday the United States of America Supreme Court ruled in favor of Love, a decision that has brought tears to my […]

I had the pleasure of talking to the San Francisco WordPress Beginners Meetup yesterday about Content and Information Architecture. It was great and I loved the whole Q&A portion of the talk. Thank you for having me! Here’s the video of it (my portion starts at 23:35): Check out the slides on Speaker Deck 😉

or, how silkscreening changed my creative life I was always a creative kid growing up. The first time my mother realized this was when I started dancing with my fingers on every piano-looking surface I could find. She soon signed me up for music school. I was five. At that young age I was learning […]

WordPress 3.4 was released today and this is a very exciting release for me as it was the first one I actually appeared in the Core Contributor list for a props I got on a ticket (for helping out with some UX sketches on the theme selector page). Before I was featured as a translation moderator on […]

This past week I’ve been in Kailua, Oahu island, in Hawaii on a team meetup (Team Social FTW!). This has been a pretty perfect meetup so far: we have an amazing house right on the beach, the balance of work/fun has been spot on and I’ve had the oportunity of doing some funny creative stuff. […]