Pride and Props

WordPress 3.4 was released today and this is a very exciting release for me as it was the first one I actually appeared in the Core Contributor list for a props I got on a ticket (for helping out with some UX sketches on the theme selector page). Before I was featured as a translation moderator on the Portuguese translation, but this time this has a special feel to it. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of that list!!

I was also super excited when I saw the 3.4 announcement video, produced by the always brilliant Michael Pick, where he used one of my personal art project as a Custom Headers example in the theme customizer!!

Here’s the full video:

Because of this exposure and also because it is Pride month, I thought this was a good opportunity to give away my art piece as a desktop background. This piece is part of a color and lines exploration phase I’m going through in my art. This one is intended to be part of a series, but this is just my first exploration. The final pieces are probably gonna be printed in a large format. But until then, get a high-def desktop background from it here! Also, here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

This, as most of what I do, gets a Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License Color Explorations v0.1 by Hugo Baeta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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