Everybody say Love!

This past friday the United States of America Supreme Court ruled in favor of Love, a decision that has brought tears to my eyes, a shared reaction with some people while attending WordCamp Europe in Seville, Spain.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of designing some WordPress Pride t-shirts and tank-tops for the WordPress Swag Store. The WordPress Pride Flag, based on an original flag design by my coworker Dave Whitley, is being printed in a variety of garment colors, shapes (including women garments) and sizes – an exciting first for the WordPress Swag Store!! I’m so excited to help the store be more diverse and inclusive.

All proceeds from these will go to the WordPress Foundation – the non-profit foundation that holds the WordPress trademark and ensures that WordPress will always be free and Open Source.

If you end up getting one, snap a photo and add it in the comments, or tweet about it!

#WordPress-Pride #LoveWins

One thought on “Everybody say Love!

  1. Hugo, check out my blog post called “Should a Brand Take a Stand?” –I’d be curious to hear your opinion on the subject. The article was written without bias, so try to approach it with an open mind and heart. Thanks! Steve

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