The Year Without Pants

9781118660638_cover.inddToday, Scott Berkun (my former team lead at Automattic, mentor, and friend) is launching his brand new book, The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work. This book tells his personal story of working at Automattic and I’m super excited because I was a part of that! I still haven’t had the chance to read the book, but just got the kindle version and browsed through it quickly. Of course I wanted to see what he said about me, and what I found made me emotional and nostalgic:

I’d seen his portfolio and he passed Matt Thoma’s bar, so I wasn’t concerned much about his ability. But I needed to check him for attitudes: good designers are never happy. They always see ways to improve what they’ve done. He passed my test and finished his support tour just in time to meet us in New York

This was the beginning of the best year I’ve had at any company I ever worked for. And I believe a big reason for it was Scott. I learned so much from him and he always made me feel productive and safe in my design decisions. I miss him every single day.

I can’t wait to read the whole book as I love the tone Scott writes in. I’m sure I’ll relive a bunch of episodes of Team Social (the team we worked on together at the time).

There’s a great article and interview about the book on the blog, check it out. You can get the book on Amazon, and more info on Scott’s website. I leave you with the cinematic trailer made for the book launch:


Content Structure in WordPress

I had the pleasure of talking to the San Francisco WordPress Beginners Meetup yesterday about Content and Information Architecture. It was great and I loved the whole Q&A portion of the talk.

Thank you for having me!

Here’s the video of it (my portion starts at 23:35):

Check out the slides on Speaker Deck ;)


The Art of Touch

or, how silkscreening changed my creative life

I was always a creative kid growing up. The first time my mother realized this was when I started dancing with my fingers on every piano-looking surface I could find. She soon signed me up for music school. I was five. At that young age I was learning music theory, playing a real piano and singing in the school coir.

Looking back, those early years in my development really shaped many aspects of my life. I went through several experiences throughout my teenage years and 20’s, including playing other instruments, being a tattoo artist, dance teacher, graphics designer, and DJ – all of them making part of the whole I’ve become.

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$30 for my 30th

Today is my 30th Birthday and I decided to give it up for charity.

A few months ago, on my Matt’s 28th birthday, I found out about Charity:Water, an awesome charity foundation that is all about building sustainable means to get clean water to places that need it in Africa. Matt was able to raise over $28.000 in donations on his birthday, and went on with a team to build a well in Ethiopia!

Shortly after his Birthday, I came across the following interview to Scott Harrison – the founder of Charity:Water – and I was incredibly inspired by it. I strongly recommend watching the whole thing, it’s a fantastic story.

So, this year for my 30th birthday I decided to give it up to Charity:Water and start a campaign to raise $3.000 (it would be lovely if I got $30.000, but I’m no Matt Mullenweg and they suggest we have a “realistic” goal – 100 people donating $30 seems reasonable) ;)

So check out my page $30 for my 30th on Charity:Water – and donate $30 or more.

100% of all donations go directly toward water projects. And about 18 months after this campaign ends, charity: water will show us where and how every dollar we raised ended up helping in the field. We’ll see GPS coordinates, photos and more details about the communities we’ve impacted.

If we reach $5.000 I get my name on a well – that would make me super proud.

Thank you and if you get inspired, you too can pledge your birthday!

Design, Work

Pride and Props

WordPress 3.4 was released today and this is a very exciting release for me as it was the first one I actually appeared in the Core Contributor list for a props I got on a ticket (for helping out with some UX sketches on the theme selector page). Before I was featured as a translation moderator on the Portuguese translation, but this time this has a special feel to it. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of that list!!

I was also super excited when I saw the 3.4 announcement video, produced by the always brilliant Michael Pick, where he used one of my personal art project as a Custom Headers example in the theme customizer!!

Here’s the full video:

Because of this exposure and also because it is Pride month, I thought this was a good opportunity to give away my art piece as a desktop background. This piece is part of a color and lines exploration phase I’m going through in my art. This one is intended to be part of a series, but this is just my first exploration. The final pieces are probably gonna be printed in a large format. But until then, get a high-def desktop background from it here! Also, here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

This, as most of what I do, gets a Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License Color Explorations v0.1 by Hugo Baeta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


We often load ourselves up when we travel, because we want to be prepared for various situations. This burden of being prepared leaves us with our arms full, unable to receive whatever is there when we arrive.

It leaves us tired from carrying, so that we are not happy when we meet someone new on our travels.

What if we traveled with empty hands, ready to embrace new experiences, receive new foods, touch new people?


Empty-Handed, Full-Hearted, by Leo Babauta