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Today, Scott Berkun (my former team lead at Automattic, mentor, and friend) is launching his brand new book, The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work. This book tells his personal story of working at Automattic and I’m super excited because I was a part of that! I still haven’t had the chance […]

I had the pleasure of talking to the San Francisco WordPress Beginners Meetup yesterday about Content and Information Architecture. It was great and I loved the whole Q&A portion of the talk. Thank you for having me! Here’s the video of it¬†(my portion starts at 23:35): Check out the slides on Speaker Deck ūüėČ

or, how silkscreening changed my creative life I was always a creative kid growing up. The first time my mother realized this was when I started dancing with my fingers on every piano-looking surface I could find. She soon signed me up for music school. I was five. At that young age I was learning […]

Today is my 30th Birthday and I decided to give it up for charity. A few months ago, on my Matt’s 28th birthday, I found out about Charity:Water, an awesome charity foundation that is all about building sustainable means to get clean water to places that need it in Africa. Matt was able to raise […]

WordPress 3.4 was released today and this is a very exciting release for me as it was the first one I actually¬†appeared¬†in the Core Contributor list for a props I got on a ticket (for helping out with some UX sketches on the theme selector page). Before I was featured as a translation moderator on […]

We often load ourselves up when we travel, because we want to be prepared for various situations. This burden of being prepared leaves us with our arms full, unable to receive whatever is there when we arrive. It leaves us tired from carrying, so that we are not happy when we meet someone new on […]